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    Murray-Bruce Wants NYSC Members To Be Given N500k To Establish Themselves

    Murray-Bruce Wants NYSC Members To Be Given N500k To Establish Themselves
    If Ben Murray-Bruce, the Senator representing Bayelsa East Senatorial district would have his way, each youth corps member will receive N500,000 capital to start any business of their choice once they finish with the one-year compulsory service under the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC). He described it as a way to create jobs.
    “To provide jobs, Youth Corpers should be taught entrepreneurial skills for a year then be given #500,000 each to start a business when they pass out.
    “Government should provide the 500k to a commercial bank for release to the Youth Corper only to pay for business set up costs.
    “We must wean our youths of this idea that they are job seekers only. They can be job creators if the state trains and equips them,” Murray-Bruce wrote on Twitter.
    The Senator also asked that the education system be overhauled to teach entrepreneurial skills from secondary school to university.
    “Company registration must be simplified and the cost drastically reduced. Nigerian youths should be able to register a biz [business] with 10k [N10,000] only.
    “By the time a youth leaves Secondary School, he should have been taught how to register a company and the basics of entrepreneurship.
    “If we prepare youths for entrepreneurship right from secondary to university and train them for 1 year during NYSC they’ll develop Nigeria,” he noted.

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