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    Nysc Camp Carnival; I will Never Forget

    Nysc Camp Carnival

    "If you wake me up from a deep sleep to narrate my experiences on Nysc camp, am sure i wouldn't have said more than three statements before i will mention the Nysc Camp carnival. The reason is because Nysc used the carnival on camp to bring me to a close touch of what i have only being able to see on screens".

    That was what Joy said when interviewing her about her experience about the Nysc camp carnival.
    Therefore, you may want to ask, "what is so special about this event that this young lady could not forget?"

    The answer is right here:

    Nysc camp carnival

     Among the list of activities that gives lasting effect on memories is the Nysc Camp Carnival.
    Yes, it's a carnival on the Nysc orientation camp ground. It's an event full of rich cultural display. Cultural heritage of many tribes are being showcased and corp members are free to join any group to see and learn from the cultures that are entirely different from theirs.

    The carnival is actually meant to strengthen the cord of unity among corp members as they mingle together and learn one or two things from other people's culture. i.e from corp members coming from different states across the country.

    It is an activity done in the afternoon. It was actually put up to replace the usual camp fire night which is usually done in the night. Due to the security challenges the scheme might be facing in the Northan states, especially from the hands of insurgency, the scheme had found a means of putting away camp fire night for the camp carnival in such states.

    Read and know some things about camp fire night here.

    Nysc camp carnival

    This activity is usually done around 3 to 4 days to leave camp. corpers are allowed to appear in disguy of different costumes and attires they may like to appear.

    On some camps, it is done based on platoons. Here each platoon will present some people to represent them in an agreed tribe or culture they will like to appear. A king and a Queen may be chosen along side with some other corp members. And these people chosen, are going to enjoy the full support of the whole platoon; in terms of finance to get d costumes, practice and preparation towards the event and so on; they are in it together.

    Nysc camp carnival

    All other corp members are also free to appearb in disguys of any costume on that day.
    But be careful of the type of costume you will choose to appear in, so that you don't cause any slap on the face of moral or emotion of some other people.

    These are some pictures of camp carnivals across different camps in Nigeria. courtesy: Tessyama @ 9ja corpers blog.

    nysc camp carnival

    Nysc camp carnival

    Nysc camp carnival

    Nysc camp carnival

    Nysc camp carnival

    nysc camp carnival

    Feel free to enjoy your camping to the fullest; "Nysc Tales" got your back.

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