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    2018 List Of Nysc States That Pay Corp Members In Nigeria And How Much They Pay Monthly

    Well, we all know that serving as a youth corper is far from easy especially if you are staying far from home and living on your own. The bills are always endless and most people are looking for extra means of making income. Well, that is really good but the problem is, how much time can you squeeze out of all the NYSC activities to be able to do other things to make more money? This is exactly why many people try to get states that pay allawee aside the #19,800 because it can also go a long way since some employers don’t bother paying the corpers working for them.
    Perhaps you have chosen the four states which you would fill during the registration process or you are still finding it difficult to choose these states or you are planning on relocation and you want a state that pays their corpers aside the regular federal government #19,800 allawee, we believe this post update will guide you make decisions that would help you.

    Note that while some states pay corpers others don’t pay. This is an alphabetical list of states that pay their corpers monthly and the amount they pay their corpers:

    Adamawa - Nil
    Akwa Ibom - #4,900
    Anambra - #8,000
    Bauchi - #1,250
    Bayelsa - No fixed amount
    Benue - Nil
    Bornu - #1,000
    Cross River - #3,090
    Delta - Nil
    Ebonyi - #15,000
    Edo - Nil
    Ekiti - Nil
    Enugu - #1,000
    FCT Abuja - Nil
    Gombe - Nil
    Imo - #2000, but not fixed
    Jigawa - #5,000
    Kaduna - 3,000
    Kanob- #15,000
    Katsina - Nil
    Kebbi - Nil
    Kogi - Nil
    Kwara - Nil
    Lagos - #10,000 - #15,000
    Nasarawa - #3000 - #5000
    Niger - Nil
    Ogun - #5,000
    Ondo - Nil
    Osun - Nil
    Oyo - #4,000
    Plateau - Nil
    Rivers- Nil
    Sokoto – #4,000
    Taraba - 10,000
    Yobe- #2,500
    Zamfara – #3,000

    That is the 2018 complete list of all 36 states including the FCT and how much they pay corp members monthly. Please, if you have served or currently serving in any of these states and the amount has increased, do let us know so we can update the list.
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