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    Important Information About Nysc Batch A 2019 Camp Orientation

    With just a week before the start of Batch A 2019 orientation camp, you need to familiarize yourself with the registration procedures in the camp. From the official statement released recently, there would be no division into streams so expect a full camp. In view of that, you should know that the officials will not tolerate any slow attitudes from you as you are definitely not alone there. 

    So, here are some documents you need to put inside a file you will not forget to travel when going to camp and you have to be sure to have them close because right from the gate they may ask you for one or two:
    1. School i.d card
    2. Call-up letter
    3. Green card
    4. Statement of result or original certificate issued by your school
    5. Medical certificate of fitness gotten from any government/military hospital
    All these should be the original documents and also six photocopies of each as they would be requested at different points. Aside from the documents, there are some things you have to put in mind while preparing:
    1. Don't bother going with food stuff, they will only permit provisions and garri and may likely seize anything else.
    2. Don't go with cutleries like fork and knife, you wont take it past the security.
    3. You will be required to do the first registration to show you are eligible for the camp before even been assigned a place to stay. During registration, once your biometric matches, you will be given:
    1. Camp corps member registration slip and temporary i.d
    2. Certificate format
    3. Performance report form
    4. Bio-data form
    5. Meal ticket
    6. NYSC kit
    Youll have to make two photocopies of each of the above and keep them for future use.
    4. After you have gotten your state code, check the last digit number as that will be your platoon. That means:
    0 is platoon 10;
    1 is platoon 1;
    2 is platoon 2;
    3 is platoon 3
    4 is platoon 4
    5 is platoon 5
    6 is platoon 6
    7 is platoon 7
    8 is platoon 8
    9 is platoon 9.
    And all platoons will be directed to gather at different locations on the field so try and identify with them on time so you dont have to roam about for long. 
    5. Make sure the length of your white short is not far beyond your knee so they wont ask you to quit wearing them. 
    6. You are expected to check into the hostel allocated to you and arrange your things in your bedspace as fast as possible because youll be kicked out to the field not long after that.
    7. Depending on the camp director, all PCMs must open a new bank account. Some may decide to allow you use your personal one but it is likely you will open a new one.
    8. Conduct yourself well during the entire camp period as you can still be punished for misconduct by the soldiers and you know what that means!
    In all, enjoy your camp experience and get to know people because you dont know where help will fall from. Goodluck.

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