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    NYSCTales July 2019 Corper Of The Month

    July is here and we are hopeful it would bring lots of good news to our doorstep. We are also using this opportunity to shoutout to all the corp members in camp at this moment! Una weldone o! Just relax and enjoy/endure the drill for now. It's just a matter of time before you'll be wishing the days are increased so you can enjoy a little more. lol.

    For now, a special shoutout to our corper of the month of July 2019!
    Meet our corper of the month!
    Aladesuyi Timilehin! 😍

    This beauty was born on 15th April 19..(coughs). She graduated from the first and great institution, University of Ibadan!
    Timilehin loves shawarma and barbecue fish! She loves listening to slow songs that appeal to emotions and also jamming to songs with a good vibe!
    For Timilehin, she has interest in PES (Pro Soccer Evolution) even though she can't play it! Lol! She also loves picture games.

    She's not your regular corper o!
    Kopa with the sauce!
    See more pictures of her below! 😁

    As at writing this post, Timilehin is currently answering Nigeria's clarion call in Oyo state (Iseyin camp precisely) and hopes for a good job after everything!
    Her Instagram handle is @timii.ke incase you want to connect with her *winks*

    To feature as our next corper of the month, send us a DM and fiam, you are live on the blog!  hehe!  🥳

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