How to Apply for NYSC Relocation and Redeployment Online

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First published: Sept 2016; last update: Dec 2020
Since the time Relocation and Redeployment have been introduced by Nysc, things have become more easier for prospective and serving corps members when it comes to Nysc service year.

If corpers are being posted to anywhere in the country where they don’t feel like spending the next one year of their life all in the name of serving father land, (probably due to some reasons or so), they simply opts for the privilege of applying for Relocation/Redeployment to another state away from the earlier ones they are being posted.
And this is what is called Nysc Relocation and Redeployment.

Even as easy and accessible this provision is to any interested corp member, many still believe falsely that it is impossible for them to be redeployed if they apply for it.
Am telling you now, that is nothing but a pure lie.
Many have benefited from this provision and many are still benefiting from it.
In fact, it’s not as difficult as people always thought it to be.

Many corp members that applied for it and were denied approval, probably might have done that without proper understanding of the provision very well before applying.

In an earlier post on this blog, enough light have been shed on everything you need to know about Nysc Relocation and Redeployment before you apply so that you wont be turned down after application.

See the post here: Everything you Need to Know Before Applying for Nysc Relocation and Redeployment”

There are only two ways through which you can apply for Relocation and get approved afterwards.

1.  Applying on Camp

One of the major ways, and of course, the initial way of applying for Nysc Relocation and Redeployment is applying for it on camp.

During the 21 days Orientation course on camp, interested corp members will be given the opportunity to apply for Relocation at the 2nd week on camp.

A form will be given out to any interested corper to fill.
This form will require, among other things, the corper to state the reason he/she wants a relocation and also give reasonable evidences to back up any excuse given.

See the sample of such form here
“Sample of Nysc Relocation form”

Together with the form, you will also be asked to submit an application letter.

See sample here too: Sample of  Nysc application letter for Relocation

2.  Applying Online After Camp

Before, it’s very difficult or rather impossible to get a Relocation approval after camping is over.
But now, it has being made possible and easier to apply for relocating by simply allowing corps members to apply online even after camp is over.

Some believes it’s not possible to get approval for relocation until 3 months after camp. But i will tell you, that’s also not true. You can apparently get approved for relocation even after 2 weeks of application.

So, how do we go about the online application for Nysc Relocation;

  1. Visit the Relocation portal:  that is  the Nysc official website
  2. Sign in with your email and password; same as the ones you earlier used in registering on the portal.
  3. Click on “Relocation”
  4. Fill in your details appropriately into the fields provided.

And That’s all.
You will be afterwards notified through text messages and mails about developments on your application.
That’s the same way you will be notified when it’s approved or otherwise.

How to Print Nysc Online Relocation and Redeployment Letter

1.  Log in to Nysc official website

2.  Log in with your email and password

3.  Go to “Manage Relocation” and click on it

4.  Make a payment of #1000 and wait for it to redirect you after successful payment

5.  Print your payment receipt. It’s your evidence of payment in case any unexpected issue arises later

6.  You will be redirected and now allowed to print your Nysc Relocation letter online

7.  Do not forget to make copies of the letter and keep for reference

If you still have any thing not clear about this topic, u can use the comment box to notify us so we can help you out with reasonable information on how to go about it.
If you have found this helpful, do share among your friends; you may be helping someone.

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  1. Unknown says:

    Am still waiting to get my call up letter. I will love to know to go about relocation because am working in a private organisation as head of system engine. I don't want to loss my job just in the name of serving my fatherland. The company is ready to issue me a letter of requesting for my service in the company because they deal with security. Please dis my number 07086201139

  2. Yes. It's possible to be posted to d company depending on the status and credibility of d company.

    I suggest u read this will greatly help u; "How to Apply for Nysc Relocation and Redeployment"

  3. Anonymous says:

    my wedding is coming up two months after camp, how do I go about applying for redeployment in camp?

  4. No way…..
    What u can do is for u and your spouse to probably visit the registry before camp. U cant apply for Relocation without tangible proof..
    So go nd do a kind of "joining before the joining day"

    I hope u understand what i mean

  5. Unknown says:

    Please I applied for redeployment and was redeployed but not to my preferred state. Is it possible to apply for another redeployment?

  6. No
    U can only redeploy once.except for the case of life-threatning issues

  7. Anonymous says:

    sorry should I go for my ppa before applying for my online relocation?

  8. Anonymous says:

    sorry should I go for my ppa before applying for my online relocation?

  9. Relocation is often done while on camp. But u weren't able to do it then and now considering applying online after camp, u should visit your PPA as u await the result of the Redeployment.

  10. Unknown says:

    I apply 4 redeployment how many days will it take to get feedback from NYSC